Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weekend Project

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With forty dollars, and a dream, I transformed this formerly tattered vanity dresser into a desk for my uber-artistic first born (who peppered recent posts this morning with comments that appeared with my name whilst I slept). Since the top refused to be painted (oh, that gives me an idea....) I decided to practice my decoupage (that's how it's spelled, Bobb) skills (not as cool as bowstaff and nunchuck skills, but I digress...a lot). Anyway, the forty dollars, you can see, was spent on the desk, etc., while the dream is that it will help the girls to keep their room clean. Mattie declared it was better than anything that could be bought in a store, and I took that as the highest compliment.


ae said...

you're definitely levelling up in the decoupage skills. that is beautiful! i love redoing old furniture like that.

Ron said...

that's just cool... and don't ask me to spell anything...I've been banned in five states

akr said...

very cool!

klasieprof said...

SWEET ...UBBER Sweet!!!

You are so amzzing!!!

Heidi said...

Awesome! I agree with Mattie, way better than anything you could buy brand new. I like to take that philosophy with all my furniture = )

I noticed you sold something from your etsy shop...way to go!! I'm going to be setting up my account today = )

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