Saturday, April 19, 2008

-isms fast and furious...

This morning, the kids, in typical Saturday morning fashion, piled on our bed. Usually, one of them figures out that we are awake and they holler till the other ones join them. So there we are all piling in, and Charleigh flops on Daddy and then begins to squirm because she is on the morote (you know, that thing Daddy uses to turn up the volume on Sports Center).

"How is your head, Chuck?" asks Daddy. Vin accidentally knocked the ladder off Mattie's bunk bed onto Chuck's head, causing a good size cut that of course, bled like mad, but ultimately, was fine without stitches.

"I'm glad she didn't get a conclusion!" says Mattie emphatically.

"Mom, we wanted to watch tv, but it was turned off on the power strip." says Vin. This causes Charleigh to inquire multiple times, "But Mom, WHY did you plug off the tv?"

Moments later, a tray appears with Mattie's latest culinary experiment. It is obviously pancakes from a mix. "The look a little weird." Mattie confesses. But they are not burnt or underdone and since they came to our bedroom with no butter, syrup or forks, we simply roll them up and pop them in our mouths.

"Mmmm! These are good!" we reassure Mattie.
"Well, I mostly followed the directions." she admits. "But I know you always put an egg in, so I put one in too, even the though the box didn't say to."

Yup, with a start like this, how could we help but have a great day???


akr said...

i love it!! little stories like that make me smile!

Mini Me's Room said...

wait, aren't ALL DAYS like that around your house?

ness said...

ha ha! Helena, you are probably right!

You named my car, btw. : )

ness said...

i did good good on the pancaces!

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