Tuesday, October 16, 2007


A few weeks ago a friend posted this question on his blog: "What is beauty?" I didn't post at the time because babies have killed the brain cells that allow me to think quickly (For example.... I lost track of time in the grocery store yesterday trying to locate the perogies and figure out which brand of granola bars were cheaper and ended up being late to pick up the kids from school...and completely forgot to get toothpaste and packing tape.)

But I think I finally came up with a definition for beauty. Beauty is when you wouldn't, even if you could, change a thing. And yes, that means I don't find myself beautiful most of the time but I find my kids beautiful, always.

However, my couch... I don't find my couch beautiful. Which is why I entered the Pioneer Woman's photo naming contest again. Hoping to buy this: But then again, let's be honest...when have I EVER purchased a new piece of furniture? Maybe in a couple of years, I can find it at the Salvation Army.

So, back to beauty....today, I heard about the new "Campaign for Real Beauty" commercial by Dove. Yeah, don't change a thing. Beautiful.

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Don said...

Nice couch.

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