Monday, October 15, 2007


A little blue today...for no real reason. I think I'm just tired. So much has been going on lately; I noticed that my blog posts are more like a quick pictorial journal than the "deep thoughts" I used to post. Still, there's an external-ness to my life right now that I really enjoy. I've never had a pack of girlfriends to keep up with, not to mention the Vintage community. And the children seem to have so much going on too. I know it will only speed up from here as we contemplate music and art and karate for them since I can now take them places. I miss the insulated quiet of 3 small kids, but I'm glad that our lives are now so entwined with other people.

I fell asleep watching the Discovery Health Channel's airing of the Dugger family who have 17 children and live just a few miles away from me. Of course, everyone here knows them or knows of them and some of my friends have even babysat for them. They seem like nice people and they seem happy. I had weird dreams though, after I feel asleep watching.

It's a rainy day and I am off to grocery shop and start looking for a winter coat for miss Mattie. Vin is about an inch away from outgrowing every single pair of pants he owns, so I'll be hitting "Once upon a child" with high hopes. And of course, I will have to eat crow and go to the library to pay my fine for the ONE movie that always seems to escape being returned with the others.

I am SO thankful that I didn't have to get ready to go with Robb this morning and maneuver the whole day around picking him up from work. How amazing is that???


Sandy said...

I will be going to Once Upon A Child myself tomorrow. This was our first really cool morning. My grandson went to put on his brand new long sleeved shirt(s) and all 7 of them are already too short in the sleeve! Thank goodness the tags are still on them!

akr said...

I so understand the falling asleep watching tv and having weird dreams thing...especially now that I'm up with night feedings and need to watch tv to help me stay awake...and the lack of sleep thing doesn't help either...I've had some seriously vivid ones!

Anonymous said...

MAYBE just is GOD"S WAY of tellin you that it's time to adopt another urchin..or or or...I can still HAVE another kid...but thinking how \you detest being preggos...time to ADOPT another URCHIN!!
Don't worry....You'll get a 15 passenger van soon!!!!

YIIKES MY word verification after reading about SYPHILIS etc is"

HERPK= the forgotten venereal disease , cured with vitamin K

ness said...

Hey Sandy...welcome to my little therapy session : )

I struck out at O.U.C. Yeah, I found way more than I could afford so I didn't buy any : )

I'm so in love with sleep right now. If God is nudging me toward more children, he will need to send an angel with a flaming sword by night who speaks with the same voice as Optimus Prime.

Hang in there, Amy! Sleep when the baby sleeps!!!!

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