Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer DAY ONE


Unable to wake up because of aforementioned insomnia.

Catch up on blogs, the total-lack-of-ebay-progress, and email
post pics of new pool, which we are sure is going to make the summer boredom problem disappear.

Kids attack me at computer (okay, so I'm still in bed...love my laptop).

7:57 a.m....first request to get into the pool.

Explain to kids that I have to get some stuff done today before we can swim...


pack 10 ebay boxes, (When can we swim?)
print labels, (neighbor kid arrives wondering when we can swim)
affix labels (can we swim yet???)
affix some more labels (kid number one gets stung by a bee)
affix the rest of the labels, nearly mixing up two of them, but catching it just in time....

clean poopy bum, switch swimsuit that is on backwards, talk to friend on phone, IM hubby, think about women's ministry email, and how the house needs to be cleaned for leadership meeting tonight...

Can we swim?
NO...you are sitting in time out for asking me again when I told you we had to wait until I got my work done...

Finally, thw pool opens and the children splash in, only to hop back out within a half hour because they are cold, have to pee, want their own boogie board....

This continues for the next four hours: While towels are dragged through the mud, I explain the rules (Go pee at your own house and bring your own towel to drag through the mud)

Make lunch, after shooing neighbor kids to their own houses
"But we don't have any ham" says one kid to me, to which I reply,
"Neither do I." I have the slices of bread counted until grocery day, and their are no extras for a noodgy 10 year old who will likely toss the sandwich I make her anyway.

Somehow in the next several hours, I mow the lawn, change another poopy diaper, clean up a bit, take a shower, make brownies that don't turn out,
make supper, my now-becoming-much-anticipated iced tea, and a batch of cookies to cover for the not-so-great brownies,
mentally prep for the meeting,
grouch at hubby for no apparent reason,
and put out the the "pool is closed" sign I made for the front door,
pin up a dress for a wedding my friend is in and oh yes...
vacuum so that the lines look neat in the carpet.

Meeting ensues with actual adults and much laughter.

Check email, track lost typewriter in San Francisco
Fall asleep in front of Leno...

Wake up around 3 with insomnia.


ash said...

next step: make sign that says "we don't swim in your toilet, so don't pee in our pool"

ness said...

my favorite...

"welcome to our Ool...Notice there is no P in it?"

klasieprof said...

Insomnia and I are very good acquaintances.
I have noticed that just before "aunt flo" comes ...I have an entire night that I can't sleep.
One thing that has helped is Tylenol PM. (when I don't use prescription RX).
I am a zombie in the morning...not remembering entire conversations..I dont like it a bit.

Heidi said...

Ohhh, I miss vacuum lines in the carpet...berber just isn't the same.

Your pool experience so far is my #2 reason for not getting a pool. #1 is the fact that I am a nervous nelly when it comes to pools. Maybe I won't be so bad when the kids get older.

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