Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy Summer

Well thanks to some wonderful anonymous person who gave me a gift card to Target a couple of months ago and somebody else who chipped in, our summer is looking pretty fantastic.

If you are contemplating an Intex 12' x 36" pool, let me say that this was a piece of cake to set up and it seems to be fine even though our back yard is not level. (I doubt we could have used the kind with an air ring, though.) We literally had a kid in the pool (while filling it of course) within 1/2 hour of opening the box. It took longer to put the ladder together. And, if you are counting heads in the picture, we had a neighbor kid in the pool within 2 hours of setting up the pool.

If you look at the next to the last picture, you'll see when Charleigh got her first big dunking. She cried then, but told me this morning that going under the water was fun. ( Don't worry Mom, the cover is on, and the ladder is out.)

You'll notice I did not get into the pool...there is no sense getting into a pool until the water is not so cold that it gives you foot cramps!


A said...

Can I bring my swim trunks to the meeting tonight?

Robb said...


A said...

Can we have the whole meeting in the pool?

Ron said...

So was it this hard to put together?

Ron said...

oh, forgot to send this one for the next gas pumping out reach day... we should run this on TV to get the word out

(cut n paste)

carahinojosa said...

Yay for anonymous acts of kindness!

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