Monday, June 04, 2007

It still fits.

Went dress shopping with Sara on Saturday....and it's amazing how David's Bridal still smells the same. Came home to find my veil and couldn't resist checking to see if my dress still fits me...and sure enough...with a little tugging and giving up breathing for 10 fits! 11 years later.

Hey Mom...where's Grandma's dress? She wore hers for a "fashion show" in her 50s or 60s after 7 kids.


sara said... looks beautiful on you

Heidi said...


my goal has been to get back into my dress...almost there

courtney said...

I hate you...well, not really, but I'd like to.

ash said...

there's no way on earth i'll ever fit in my dress again... good fer you though! impressive!

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