Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A first time for everything....

Tonight was our first time getting in the pool together as a family. While still a little chilly, I figure the cold will only help me burn fat trying to warm my shivering carcass.

I decided to try on a pair of the goggles the kids are always fighting over and ducked under the water to try them out. I emerged at the surface with a "Wow! Those are really great!"

"Haven't you ever tried on goggles before?" Robb asked.

After a moment of quick reflection I recalled, "No....never..."

Robb shook his head in surprise, "What did you think everyone was doing with them all this time?"

Always honest, I replied bluntly, "Being wimps."

So, I beg everyone's pardon who I ever mentally accused of being a wimp for wearing goggles...they are very nice. You were right and I was less-than-informed.


sara said...

Yeah, goggles are great!

tammi said...

Now you just need one of those nose plug things.....

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