Tuesday, March 13, 2007


You would think that when day after day passes and you are still okay, even though every day has major challenges, that you would start to relax and trust that God will actually meet your everyday needs. But I haven't. Why is that?

Why do I only seem to have two geers? Manic busy or lazy lump. It's very disconcerting. If I could just humm along at a steady chug, everything would be fine, but I am apparently, as my mother likes to say, addicted to adrenaline and unless I feel like something is going to explode, I put it off. What a terrible personality trait.

I'm having a garage sale this week. Somebody at church asked if there would be anything good, to which I replied..."No, it's all junk." This is a total truism. If anything I'm attempting to sell had any value at all, I would have sold it on ebay already. Should be an interesting day, huh?

Okay, time to fly. Here are some things I am thinking about which render me completely worthless for a blog post that is any fun at all:

Why is Vin still sick? Will Charleigh ever poop in the potty? What can I put in the back yard to keep Sid from tracking so much mud into the house? What will happen to some of our friends who are having a hard time right now? Will our finances ever be okay? Wow, I'm getting fat. Shoot, I forgot to send my niece's birthday present...again. We have no stamps. But don't worry, we don't have any money to buy stamps anyway. We'd have money if I would get some work done. I would love to get some work done if only there wasn't so much mud on the floor and so much poop to clean up......

Bang head here.


courtney said...

First of all, don't worry about a gift for Dora. That's not necessary and not something I want you to stress over. I would have called you to tell you that but I'm busy trying to figure out why I only function in two modes of my own: Wonder Woman and dr.doom. Right now, I'm dr. doom and dr. doom wants her husband to grow up, get a job and a set of balls. don't call here, it's ugly. Good luck on the garage sale.

klasieprof said...

Yah..but your junk is GOOD SHIT!!!

(umm..not the brown kind your daughter produces)..who knows..The REAL reason for having garage sales is to get new church members...thats how you got me.


PS..Courtney..I think balls are on sale at kmart this week.
Hee hee.

word Veri: leavba: Leave ME ALONE

courtney said...

trust Donna to know where the balls are!

ness said...

Yeah, I don't really have any problems. I'm actually just worried about you two.

Candice said...

HEy Ness! I am not the only one who sometimes wonders why I can't just go with God's flow. You know, that whole Mary and Martha thing. It is the Wonder Woman/Dr. Doom thing, Courtney! I think somewhere in the middle we are just children of God, and if there is one thing that it is hard for a momma to be, it's a kid!
You are not alone!
Hey Donna! Although our meeting was brief, I miss ya!
Love, candice

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