Friday, March 09, 2007

MILSPEAK: Embrace the Suck

Two things you should know before you click on the link.

Number one, my Dad was a Green Beret, Special Forces, in Vietnam and I am profoundly proud of him for that. My brother was also active duty Army and reservist for about 10 years, and was incredibly, amazingly good at it. I also have a passel of cousins, uncles, a Grandpa and lots of friends who are military and I LOVE them for it. I've seen first hand how a limp, whining teenager has been transformed into a man in just a few months in the military. I couldn't think more highly of the men and women in the military.

And two: If you are at all squeamish about "language" don't click the link. These guys have an extreme job and they use extreme language and I have absolutly no problem with it.

On with the story:

So I've been having a hard time getting into the groove of working...the weather is nice, and I've been having fun and hanging out with friends and just generally feeling like a lady of leisure. I know the work needs to be done, but come on... So during "work hours" for the last couple of days, I have done things like, oh... play computer games, make nice snacks and read magazines. It's been like a that I shrug about and then putter some more.

But yesterday, my day began to include things like...yet another Code Brown Situation in Charleigh's underwear, two calls from friends having a HARD TIME, a shipping deadline that I barely made, and then it really got good with an error in our bill paying system that left the checkbook overdrawn, keeping me on the phone all night trying to straighten things out, and cleaning up vomit around 2:00 a.m. Back to life..back to reality.

So when I heard this phrase, I immediatly liked it and realized what it is for. "Embrace the Suck" means, yeah, things are bad, but buck up and deal with it. So today, I embrace the suck. I'm braced and ready for the fray. Stop complaining, stop messing around, and get your work done.


Heidi said...

That is awesome. Now I'll understand Tim's brother a little better when he talks = )

Teething time is a definate "embrace the suck" moment.

ness said...

oh yeah. I'm afraid this might become a standard around here.

maybe not in front of the kids, though.

courtney said...


A said...

Semper Fi.

I believe that fubijar is now going to be adopted to my service as a reserve police officer (often very applicable) and possibly in certain Vintage contexts until we are full time staff (?!?!).

klasieprof said...

"On your belly on your back on your belly on your back you worms".

..Marine Corps Drill Sargent

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