Thursday, March 22, 2007

For Tammi

Just so you know all my inventions for dinner aren't great. We had a salmon patty situation last night which resulted in Hubby making a McDonald's run. '

I think the word he used, (while laughing and snorting and gagging) was putrid.


courtney said...

then there's my grits disaster last night that I tried to dispose of before Ron got home--it was too hot to throw in the can though. I thought it was truely disgusting and Ron had two helpings. go figure.

tammi said...

OMGosh! I have my own blog entry. Does that mean I'm one of the cool kids??

thanks for the info - i'm glad to know that you're not the magic kitchen goddess I envision.

And for what it's worth, I think anything with the words "salmon" and "patty" put together wouldn't have been that great anyway. :)

I DO have a spectacular recipe for salmon steaks with pineapple salsa on top that's to DIE FOR. If you're interested. :)

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