Monday, March 19, 2007


Good morning.

I had a friend tell me yesterday, she doesn't know how she lived before my blog. No pressure or anything. (ha ha!)

I only drank one cup of coffee on Saturday. I felt like I was having a dream most of the day, but I did it.

Gave up beer for Lent, put on a couple pounds. Hubby gave it up and lost 10 pounds.

Found a couple of surprises in the back yard which I took as signs of God's love for me: I've always wanted a forsythia bush and one is blooming outside the window. Rose bushes are looking healthy and green and a pink ornamental crab is doing it's best to pink up. There are also blooming trees in the front yard of our entire neighborhood, which look beautiful. If it weren't suppose to rain the entire week, I'd be out digging and planting. Heck, I might anyway.

I think I may have finally adjusted to the time change. I was up about 6:30 this morning thinking about where to plant some bulbs I bought yesterday with my garage sale bounty. Garage sale money typically goes to the same several things in the same order:

A good haircut (check)
Stuff to plant a garden and fix up the yard
Going to garage sales. (where else am I going to spend 15 dollars in quarters?)

If you go to Sam's club, what is your strategy? It's a very overwhelming place and you have to make a lot of how do you decide what to buy in enormous quantities? Yesterday we decided on bbq sauce, Robb's razor blades (literally, a year's supply) frozen blueberries, whole wheat pasta, a year's supply of garbage bags and a giant tub of animal crackers.

We then went over to Aldi's which if you don't have them, maybe you have Sav-a-lot? They are ultra cheap and have no fixtures, just boxes of product stacked up with one open box on top. The brands are not brands you've ever heard of and you have to check the cheese to see if it is moldy or not, but hey, what IS cheese anyway? For the totally mundane, you can't beat them: flour, sugar, spices, sliced cheese, cream of mushroom soup, paper plates, graham crackers, saltines, and knock-off cereals...what would have cost about 100 dollars at Walmart, was only about half at Aldis. If they have a good manager, they are good thing. If they don't, they have a distinct odor which you will never be able to shake from your memory bank. Don't buy your meat or produce there. Just don't.

I was cutting coupons, which Charleigh calls, "Poupons." When I coached her a bit on the correct pronunciation, she called them "Coo Coo Poupons." Also if you haven't already, check out her rendition of a certain Beatle's tune posted on Robb's blog

Okay, another totally random do you deal with your neighborhood kids? I'm glad they have kids to play with, (I guess) but I weary of refereeing. And the fourth grader who bosses my kids to death and then becomes a manipulative liar when my kids find other people to play with...well that is no fun. And of course, there is the big church sign in the front yard to live up to.

Well, that should give you something to chat about while I pack ebay boxes. Have fun.


courtney said...

hey, Hon. My bulbs are coming up in the back yard too (you do know that you need to plant your bulbs in the fall, right? They have to freeze a little first. If you plant them in the spring, they might not flower). Anyways, I have a new daffodil variety called "Repleat" that is coming up and I can't wait to see it--it has a white double petal outside and a pink in a double petal in the center--I'll send you a pic if it turns out.
I love sam's club--I don't know how we could have afforded diapers with out it. We buy all our meat there once a month and I break it all down into usuable packages with the food saver. Of course, I also get all my paper products there because I have a fear of running out of tp and paper towels. shampoo, conditioner,razors, diapers, meat, cheese, juice boxes, fruit snacks, flour, sugar, soap, dried fruit....yeah, we get it all there. Ron gets that glassy-eyed look everytime I tell him we need to go. :)
I like sav-a-lot but I don't ever ever ever buy anything there that isn't shelf stable....not cheese! no way! but, yeah, canned soup, soda, baking supplies, crackers----they have the best names for their soda, don't they? I personally like "Dr. Thunder"

Heidi said...

I'm a little envious reading your garden talk. It was 40 degrees today so the kids and I took a brisk, chilly walk while the sun was out. I can't wait to plant some tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers though...
Thank God for Aldi's! I went a few times to the one in Dickson City for dorm related purchases and wouldn't darken the door again for years. I had to do food for a church going on a wilderness trip and I couldn't believe what I found. It was posh in Aldi terms! Clean, neat and lots of great food (still won't touch the meat though), not to mention its right around the corner. Sometimes when I'm there I'll see a few rich people. They still look down their noses at the rest of us pleebs as they get into their bmw's... funny stuff.

Ditto Courtney on Sam's and diapers. I still get diapers, wipes and pull-ups by the truck load. Also tp; laundry, dish and body soap.

I can't believe I just wrote all that about grocery shopping

Candice said...

Hey Ness! I too have much forsythia in the yard and (literally) hundreds of daffodils and jonquils. I love spring-it always comes not a moment too soon.I, too, am a fan of Aldi. We are big fans of the turkey meatballs, cinnamon raisin bagels, and cream puffs! I love all of their "lean and active" frozen fruits. Check out the Fayetteville one if you don't already b/c sometimes they have flukes like gorgonzola cheese at rock bottom prices. Who knows where Aldi comes up with its deals-Oompa Loompas, perhaps? Sorry, we are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and my head is full of Wonka.

I do love your blog, girl!
And your hubbie's sermons.
I am stoked you profited from your yard sale.
Have a lovely Tuesday.

klasieprof said...

The entire side yard is a wind block of forsythia's...and Lilac's...3 colors of them...Deep purple, Lt Purple and white.
Sam's Rocks...they just opened a NEW one in Mt P, as well as a NEW Wal Mart Super store.
Went to Sav a Lot (I hate it when they misssspelll words)
I got TONS of stuff...I think I save at LEAST a third.
Kids--we have a couple that we deal with...One is Always mean and yet Joy wants to associate. UGh...Sometimes they have a heart bigger than my shriveled up one.

ness said...

It's weird I admit, but I think of grocery shopping like a big poker game...and I'm always looking for new strategies!

Turkey meatballs? I'm so looking for those!

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