Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm gonna have a heart attack

Another one of my two dollar investments is being multiplied by ...uh....a lot.

It ends tonight....should be fun!


akr said...

hey...what ever happened to that doll?

courtney said...

so, what happened?
kbpbym: the sound I make when I see all the snow outside

ness said...

did you click the link?

the doll is up this week....has one watcher right now.

***I'll give you a hint.

Hello, yes, I'd like to open a savings account.

Andrew said...

Quick question: as a seller what are your thoughts when an auction gets sniped? (namely, a last second bid, sometimes with an automated sniping program or service)

ness said...

I love it. It means that I will get a great total that people actually intend to pay without time/electronic difficulty holding them back.

this auction was obviously sniped...and it caused great rejoicing in the Ryerse household!

akr said...

yahh...I saw the doll...soo cool! Yah for your awesome sale too!

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