Friday, January 26, 2007

Empty Ink Cartridges

The queeen of practicality that I am, I have saved all of our empty ink cartridges....I have a bajillion of them.

Does anybody know where I can take them?


courtney said...

can't you take them to staples or office depot? I thought there was some kind of program they have for that--??

Mom said...

Ness....they have a box at church for the teens, and everybody brings in and donates their empty cartridges to be returned to some company and they receive credit in the form of money...I'll ask around. When I return my empties to Dell, they give me a credit on the next cartridge....about the only good thing that has come from that company...Mom

sara said...

give them as surprises at Vintage..I think the kids would enjoy

If anything it would keep them busy for a few minutes

Anonymous said...

You can give them to the camp. They get money for them or something. Its a fundraiser that they do.

akr said...

staples gives you $3.00 for each one you return

klasieprof said...

My School collects them. They make it a point to tell everyone that they collect them.
THen..Secretly...they throw them under people's tires. Yah Thats right.'
Or..the principal sneaks up on the roof and bombs the hell out of parents he doesn't like.
Future board member of Morey Charter School. Yah..what are THEY thinkin...LOL

klasieprof said...

....and SHari Ann lives???

who knew???

((hugs)) Shari. You could say Hi on your blog...for those of us who have seen the same blog since forever.

Andrew said...

Yeah check with Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples. Different stores will do different things, but last time I brought some to Office Depot and got $3 credit for each one - I think they have a limit of $35 credit per visit. I ended up with like $24 of free stuff.

Or give them to some charity.

ness said...


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