Thursday, January 25, 2007

Don't Bonk

When I was a kid, taking piano lessons, I got to that point when I could play something that actually sounded like a song. Which of course, led to playing in front of people. And when people find out you can play a little, they try to sing with you. That was when I would get totally flustered and screw up.

Not sure if you noticed, but Vintage has been on the news, in the paper, on talk radio...people are trying to sing with us. We are getting some attention.

If you read this, stop and pray for us to not screw up. Pray that God will help us to use this attention to focus on Him. We think our light-hearted approach is working, but pray that we don't bonk.

Thanks, friends.


akr said...

we're praying for you!!! I remember you playing piano and singing in freshman chapel...I think it was the first time I really remember seeing you.

carahinojosa said...


I am so excited to see what God is going to do.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, especially those of us who preach THIS Sunday, who did not anticipate a "larger" audience for this particular message.

Hopefully we'll have fimze, my word verification.

Amber said...

Of course we're praying. If it's not for God, then what's the point? Because surely, we aren't that great! God is what makes us great!!

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