Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Vinnyisms & Charleigh's too

Says Vinny of the new Transformers Movie (which he watches the trailer for on a daily basis) "It is SO my style."

Writes Vinny at writing workshop:

My DaD was on TV tocing a bat r shrsh! on 5 noos! it was cool. I LiKe t My DaD Being on tv. it is cooll!

Charleigh was excited that we were having "unka unk" for breakfast. (oatmeal)

She also asked to watch "Homee." (Nemo)


akr said...

I love your kids!!! So cute! Vin is a little Robb isn't he? Maybe someday he'll run for president.

klasieprof said...

My dad was talking about our Church!!
Took me a minute.


carahinojosa said...

Nemo is everybody's homee!! ;)

courtney said...

Dora and I built a tent today out of the furniture and blankets and she then told me that she's "in the dog house."

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