Tuesday, November 28, 2006


It's an interesting thing that lately, as I have been ferreting out a lot of strange inner-life issues, something else has emerged simultaneously. I am more committed to our life here and specifically our work at Vintage than I have ever been. I truly believe that this is what God wants us to do. I think that this past year was a long process of seeing how much this venture would cost us...not just financially, but in friendships, in the support of our families, in personal comfort. And I have mourned those things...loudly and long. Had we known up front that we would experience such loss, I doubt we would have had the courage to try. Now, with a clear picture of all that starting Vintage has cost us, I can honestly say, it's okay. As each week goes by, I see more clearly the great need of the people here (and everywhere) for a church like Vintage. And maybe more importantly, how much I need Vintage. I could never go back to the girl I was a year ago....and I wouldn't want to. I've often said that God proved how amazing He is by saving me out of Bible college. Now, I am amazed again as He has grown me by taking me out of "church" as I knew it.


klasieprof said...

I am trying to think of something witty to say, or profound, but sometimes There just isn't anything.

Somehow the quote, "Life is what happens while you are making plans" came to mind while reading this.

klasieprof said...

He demands that we open ourselves to the unexpected, the unpredictable, and even the unexplainable. The Bible is full of instances where God chose to work in outrageous and shocking ways: Walls fell down. Water stood up. Bread sprang from the ground. And the sun stood still.
Love this..from the Dancing with God book.

And the days of His surprises are far from over.

So if you have grown accustomed to an orderly and predictable Christianity, I understand that turning the God of all creation loose within you can be an unsettling concept. But trust him. As Jesus said, he will not give you a snake if you ask for a fish.

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