Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Newspaper Capers

Some people came to the door over a month ago selling newspaper subscriptions. For 30 dollars, you can get the weekend paper for a year: That's Thursday through Sunday. Great....the Thursday and Friday papers would have garage sale listings and the Sunday paper would have the coupons. We'd be saving money by getting it, instead of buying the Sunday paper off the newstand every week.

Three weeks went by with no paper.

So I called and they needed to clarify that we were NOT the former residents of this house, who apparently never actually paid for anything based on the number of phone calls and even police visits looking for them.

So they promised that the paper would indeed arrive the next day, which it did. We also got the paper on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But the Sunday paper had no coupons.

We continued to get the paper the entire next week, including three papers on Thursday (one of them in Spanish) and two on Sunday...with no coupons in either one.

Got the paper yesterday as well as bill for the paper, which I had already paid. So I called again and was told that the payment had not hit the account. The check has cleared, though. I inquired about the coupons and was told that if no coupons appear in this Sunday's paper, I should call again. She assurred me that I'm not being charged for any extra papers, so why did I not want them?....Well, only that I'm swimming in papers all over the house! I HATE scooping up papers that nobody has even read. I just wanted the coupons! And yesterday I had to grocery shop without them...and pay FULL PRICE for stuff. UGH. I just wanted the coupons.

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klasieprof said...

I HATE it when I feel taken advantage of, or more pointedly..feel stupid.

When I fall for the RARE phone solicitor that captures my thots, when I follow the links from an email for something "no credit card needed"...that stuff.

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