Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"But I believed -and still do- that the way to unlock yourself creatively and spritually and pretty much every other way, is to be truthful. It's the hardest thing to do, to be truthful with yourself." ~Bono

I've been reading U2 by U2, which is a stinkin' huge book and not at all easy to hold when you are lying in bed at night. I hope it is not completly cornball to say that I feel inspired by it. I actually see a lot of parallels between their starting as a band and us starting as a church. We are both trying to be and do something wholly other than what has been done, we have high ideals that we are deeply passionate about, and we have to justify those ideals to people who can either help or hurt us. Yeah, they're a rock band. They are also deeply committed Christians trying to find their way spiritually. Early on, Bono and Edge almost left the band so that they could be more involved in their church. They were getting pressure from other Christians to put aside the band and just fit into that Christian mold. I'm glad they didn't.


A said...

Yep, I often get goose bumps when I read it.
I'm sooo glad thay didn't quit too . . .

klasieprof said...

I find it so enlightening that OTHERS try to tell other people what is the "RIGHT" thing to do.
I remember having a breakthru as a Parole Probation agent, interviewing an addict in the Saginaw jail.
He was specifically asking me spiritually minded questions (and I know as a State Employee I was not to give Religious advice), however, I also realized that NO ONE...NO one on earth could have the opportunity to reach this guy as I had at the time.
It changed the way I dealt with offenders, and interacted with people in general.
Unlike my friends cop husband, in Texas...who was either fired or repremanded for "WITNESSING" with bible in hand to a guy he had stopped and placed in the police car. The guy "accepted" Christ, and was let off of whatever offense, and promptly filed 'kidnapping' charges on the Cop.
I just know that sometimes, it takes unconventional people to reach unconventional people, and for whatever reason--sometimes that's me. It isn't real comfortable, or especially gracious...but its a job that someone has to do.
Sometimes..I guess that's me.

Darla said...

hey girlfriend... you up for a call tonight?

ness said...

I've got a date with a guy and a douglas fir around 8 or 9 but after that I should be free!

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