Friday, November 03, 2006

Pray for Donna

Hubby is sick today and Charleigh is still claiming she will "SPIT" after eating anything, but my friend Donna, known in these parts as "klaisiprof" has been in the hospital for a week. At last check, she isn't doing much better than when she was admitted.

Besides giving us our daughter (she's a foster-family recruiter), Donna is just one of the dearest friends I have ever had. She is always there for me, always ready to listen to even the most outrageous thing I might be thinking, and always affirming that I am trying my best. You don't get many people in life who accept you exactly as you are and can still help you laugh at yourself.

She is hands down one of the hardest working people I have ever known...from finding the best school option for her kids and meeting their special needs, to inviting people who are lonely and hurting to share whatever they have, to pulling off "While You Were Outs" whenever she gets the chance.

She's already been through hell and high water in her lifetime and is tough as nails. Life hasn't lightened up on her much lately, either. Most of us would have curled up in the fetal position after what she's had in life, but she is still looking outward, still looking for ways to comfort the heartbroken, still looking for homes for hurting kids, still fighting her way through a lot of miserable days. She once dreamed of being a pastor's wife, but cruelty shattered those dreams. I try to help her realize she is doing more the Kingdom now than she ever would have accomplished singing in the choir and running a ladies missionary society.

So pray for Donna today and for her hubby and kids. I love them and I hate being so far away right now.


Darla said...

praying for your friend, donna... what a beautiful picture this is...

Courtney said...

Ness, any update on Donna?

kristie said...

Ness, I am going to try to go she her tomorrow. I will call or email you on an update. I am also going to talk so medical lingo to the nurses and make sure she was the best care. Got to love working in a hospital and know the ins and outs.


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