Friday, November 03, 2006

In a Funk

I haven't been able to find a dictionary definition of "being in a funk" but I think you know what I mean. This is day-two of not being able to cut through the daily crap. Two days ago, I was very productive and had all my ducks in a row..I even had supper in the crock pot by 10:00 a.m. Yesterday, I stalled out due to that stupid tidbit tray. Today, I'm giving myself credit for remembering to eat. Part of it is having a couple of things that I WANT to do, but can't because I don't have the right resources (money, a car, time, etc). And part of it is having things I should do but really DON'T WANT to do. I've discovered that I have the tendency to think rather linearly...that is...when presented with a roadblock, I have trouble finding an alternate way of moving forward. For example, I'm so annoyed with my workspace that I can't seem to work. I sit here. I make lists. I dink at researching items I have to sell. But I'm so annoyed by it all, that I just spin my wheels.

I'm in a funk. I'm preoccupied with Donna being sick, with the recent loss of Sandy, with this annoying set of bookshelves that I abhor. And I still haven't found that darn screw. I should go to the store, but I need to pick up the kids soon, and I should walk because I'm getting fat.

Hopefully the funk will leave soon. I hate the funk. I will attack the funk by striking a blow at the number-one funk-booster in my life: the too-full-and-stinky-garbage can.


courtney said...

go for the little victories first...the garbage can or the sink and just don't sit down. You'll blow the funk soon. It's a matter of gaining momentum. For me it's a matter of getting up the energy to actually get dressed and leave the house (yes, an introvert, that's right), so I designate an errand day and keep a running list of what has to be done on that day. I'm a chronic list maker but now that Ron's s busy with school, I have to actually get the lists done because he can't help me (he still has to take care of the cars which would explain why we haven't gotten them registared in this state yet). Anyways, start little and stop kicking yourself for the stuff that hasn't gotten done yet.

courtney said...


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