Thursday, November 02, 2006


I have spend the last three hours trying to find the right screw to fit a tiered tidbit tray together. Seriously.

Before that, Charleigh threw up grape juice on my white bedspread.

After that, I spilled my coffee on my keyboard.

all-righty's gonna be one of THOSE days.


courrtney said...

want to call my boss and tell him I quit? I've been trying to scrape up the courage for that one all day.

Heidi said...

So I'm not the only crazy one today. If I find my cord I'll look to see if your screw is with it. I'm sure there is a black hole somewhere with both of them.

courtney said...

that black hole is holding my favorite whisk, i bet...and Dora's toothbrush because I just can't find that darn thing ANYWHERE. oh,and ness,the boss actually called me did you do that? no, i didn't quit. I chicken out again.

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