Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cutie Patooties

fairy princess who dropped the fairy-part when she and her brother fought about her wings hitting him in the head while they rode in the car.

I didn't tell him to pose like this. But I did make his hat, which he pretty much thought was the most amazing thing he'd ever seen. Shout out to Nana, who made this costume!.
The Dragon-whose costume I glued pink bows to so that people would know it was a girl. She's wearing her costume as I post this at 8:07 am. She also got a hold of a tootsie roll somehow before breakfast. She's loving this holiday.
Just look at those faces!


courtney said...

absolutely the funniest and sweetest! I got your pics last night after a particularly bad night at work and they gave me a much-needed laugh. I got to take Dora for her first time trick-or-treating last night and now she just keeps saying "twick or tweet" to us because she thinks she'll get more candy! childhood is pretty cool

tammi said...

how cute!
Although I don't think the pink bows were necessary....anyone who would confuse her for a boy is not right in the head. She has *very* feminine features and gorgeous eyes.

Love the batman pose and doncha HATE it when your fairy wings get in the way?? Steve complains too about mine hitting him in the face when we sleep.

Sara said...

I hated the halloween traffic but i loved those

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