Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What about Brian?

I've been a fan of JJ Abrams since Felicity. He does have a terrible habit of bombing the sophomore year, leaving the writing to nitwits in the Junior year, and then trying to sew things up neatly in the Senior year of every show he does (Felicity....Alias...Lost...and now Brian).

So anyway, I gave this show a chance based entirely on Abrams, not the show's premise, which is a group of 7 friends who are all in various stages of coupledom except for our odd man out, Brian, played by the oldest kid on that 7th Heaven show.

I have to say (after three episodes) two things: A. The show will probably make it. And 2. Maybe Brian wouldn't have such a hard time if he and his friends weren't all just horrible human beings who do the wrong thing with Horror Movie precision. I want to smack every one of them for being weak-kneed, lilly-livered, spineless and just plain, NOT nice. Shoot, I'm emergent, I accept people for who they are, where they are, blah blah blah but for pete's sake, people don't need more encouragment to be fools.

On an entirely diffent subject, I am SO HAPPY that "Will" is going to be in Alias wrap up. Really, jumping up and down, gleeful and squealing happy. (I already KNEW that Vaughn wasn't really dead...duh...it's ALIAS afterall). And I do realize that I need to get a new phone ringer because the Alias theme song isn't really cool anymore. Suggestions?

You already know I don't get out much. Don't judge me.


A said...

Keep the Alias ringtone, soon it will be VINTAGE.

ness said...

Maybe I'll switch over to my McGyver theme ringtone that I use for unknown ID's. Now THAT'S vintage.

Love that duct tape.

ash said...

how bout "if i had a million dollars"? tee-hee-hee : )

Sara said...

no...the simpsons theme song now that would be great!

akr said...

ok...so i am so glad someone else is still liking alias...It has been crazy these last two weeks and it seems like it will be a good closing...we'll see

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