Friday, April 28, 2006

What did you learn from Lent?

I wanted to recap a bit how rewarding it was for me to celebrate Lent by "fasting" from ebay. The short story is that it freed me up to read "The Papa Prayer," where I learned the art of creating a vacuum in my heart for God to fill. Honestly, nothing will ever be the same for me since glimpsing this amazing idea of relating with God through prayer. Through that struggle I found peace in the midst of chaos. I also felt led by God to share our needs with everyone. In sharing that need, we were given a great lead for dealing with the house situation. We may have some kind of answer by Tuesday! Also, Robb has an interview on Wednesday with his District Manager for the manager's position at FCB. I fully believe that prayer has been the key to all of this.

All that to say, I'm so glad I read about Lent on some of your blogs and that I obeyed God by taking part in it.

Keep praying...we have about a week left in the three weeks I asked you to pray for. I have no idea why that is the time frame that was impressed upon me, but God does!

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