Friday, February 10, 2006

TWBP: this week's best product

I don't know if I will ever get over pizza in New York. We used to scrape together whatever change we could find and go down the block to get a "pie" from around the corner. It was all we could do to keep our grubby paws out of it until we got home.

In MI, Main Street did a great job, especially with their soft crust. Too late, we discovered their bread sticks, dripping with butter, cheese and garlic....a meal all by themselves.

In AR they have nothing. At least I haven't found it yet: they've got square things and little thin things they call pizza, but come on....

So it was a nice surprise when out of desperation I tried the uncooked pizza from the Walmart deli. It baked up nicely, has a decent crust and a good size for a 7.00 pizza. This week we tried the supreme, and I would definetly try that again. It's no chicken and bacon, but it's not bad.

The good news for can get it at Sam's Club.


Sandy Mc said...

Mostly our kiddos are not into deep dish pizza...and we tend to vote for *cheap* and order more often without guilt, lol! Recently we did try the deep dish at Eureka and I really like the crust. It's not as piled with stuff like some of the deep dish pizza's I had at places in IL and OH...but has that good buttered crust flavor. At B1-G2 passes MY inspection:)

Shirley said...

It is amazing how particular our taste buds can be isn't it?! All Pizzas are Not creted equal!

My kids think Pizza Hut rocks, but there are a few local places that are pretty good. As for Sam's Pizza, it is fabulous! They keep coming up with new taste combinations to delight the palate - like enchilada pizza. Yum!

Also, I read Uncovering the Pharisee Within. Same author I think as 12 steps. Great book, but now I am responsible for the info and my inward pharisee is balking at change! Oh for grace!

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