Monday, February 13, 2006

God Hears Desperate Housewives

He whispered in Sandy's ear to take my kidlets so I could run a multiplicity of errands in Fayetteville without dragging kids in and out of a dozen stops.

He nudged Charles and Phyllis to take them to Pizza Hut (in a raging blizzard...well, it was snowing anyway) on Saturday for a couple of hours so I could mop the floor, which I have wanted to do for about a month, but the planets had not aligned correctly until then.

And then, my angel of a husband sent me on an overnight getaway at a bed and breakfast, where I got a massage, hit the shops, and had a pretty great time just sorting through things that take time to sort through. There was a time when a break from the Hollyhock House would have seemed silly....but months of confinement, hard work, and lonliness have taken their toll. I knew I was getting short with the kids, and I was starting to forget the feeling of taking a deep breath. The only thing that could have made this time better would have been having Robb with me.


Robb said...

Does this mean you are coming home? It would suck if you had decided just to stay in Eureka.

ness said...

Hi honey...I'll be home in time for the bachelor : )

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