Friday, February 17, 2006

Let's Hear it for the Boy!

Sara, thanks for getting this song stuck in my head!

I think it was last week that I praised women for their ways of comforting one another. But I wanted to say a few things in praise of good men, and especially my husband...

I love the fact that men do what they are convinced they have to do. They don't whine, bellyache or complain, but just keep a stiff upper lip and do it. My dear husband is holding down two jobs that are not his be-all and end-all, and yet he is doing an excellent job at both, earning the praise of his superiors. I'm really proud of him.

Men are big mushballs about their women. I got the sweetest and most loving cards from my hubby, my dad and my brother, and of course, my son, for Valentines day. What more could a girl ask for?

Men are wicked strong. I'm no wimp and can haul laundry, a kid, or a lot of groceries, but Robb can toss me on the floor and tickle me until I scream before I can blink. It's true....girls really do like "guys with skills."

Men are oblivious to dirt. The same annoying thing that makes them completely oblivious to the muddy footprints they track all over your clean floor, make them fully capable of doing horrendously dirty work without freaking out.

Men can kill stuff. I kill a lot of little nuisance things, but I confess that I always feel really minute that stupid little ant is a living creature and the next minute, he's a smudge on my keyboard. (yeah, they're back). Men, on the other hand can just wipe something off the map when it needs to be done. I basically can't kill anything over a half inch without having that weird chill in my stomach. It must be that dominion thing.

So there you go.


courtney said...

Hear! Hear! Ron got his forklift license and I think that was some of the best sex ever. Long live the Men!!!

ness said...

forklift skills

Sandy Mc said...

Ness, you and Robb clearly are a match made in Heaven:) Please don't forget us wierd couples where God has put together a man with a bad back who is squeemish with a strong woman to be his helpmeet.

My wonderful husband does not whine as such about work, but he definately benefits from my "just do it" drive...God clearly has me playing a role in helping my particuar husband keep that "stiff upper lip" thing.

The mushy clue about that, lol...not Roy, not my dad, not my brother, and not my son. Perhaps it's because of me being so wierd, they feel it would not honor who *I* am.

On the dirt again...doesn't even *look* good on Roy.

Oh and the kill again.

Ok, hope I didn't hijack your thread too much. I really appreciate your sharing, and honestly have to deal with spiritual warfare in my life because humanly I begin wishing I could live the role you described. I so often feel in the middle of both men and women and fitting with neither. Interestingly, men generally *accept* me for who I am and women try to change me to be more like them. If I am not careful through life's experience I begin to loose sight of who God made me to be.

ness said...

Not at all Sandy...I know lots of women who handle these things. The important thing is that you clearly love your husband and He's stinkin' lucky to have you!

Humanly speaking, I could lose sight of the good too, and that's why I wanted to give a rah rah for the boys.

Sandy Mc said...

Oh and... requires using my female sensitivity to assure that Roy is still made to feel every bit the man God made HIM as he finds himself stepping back out of traditional male situations and letting me in.

Roy has to battle the suspicions and discontent of both men and women as when they see our team approach.

Helping to move the Grand Piano at while Roy watches and advises, and God smiles:)

Sandy Mc said...

hope I didn't stress you with my replies. As is so often the case in my life it seems I am having that "who am I" struggle again. I just desire for people to like me for who I am...yet I SO wanted to find myself in your description but could not.

ness said...

Well, hold on a minute. The point is to celebrate our spouse...their differentness from us and how that fits with who we are....not to fit into a cookie cutter mold of social roles. Let me get you started: Roy obviously provides well for you and the kids, gives you freedom to pursue things that matter to you, etc. etc. I don't care if you are like me. I care that you get a chance to voice positive things about your hubby...which is good for the community and good for you as a couple.

Jaye T. said...

Okay, I have much to be thankful for in Aaron. I’ve been sick this week, all 6 days!!! Aaron has taken care of me and has come home early most of the days to make sure I was taken care of. Aaron kept the house pick-up, cleaned the dishes, and cooked meals for me. I made mention that I would need a new toothbrush days ago and Aaron just brought one home!!! It’s the little things that go straight me my heart!!!

Sandy Mc said...

I think maybe I am still not sharing in the way I intended...and Ness sorry if you felt I was taking *aim* at what you said...sure didn't mean to:)

I just sometimes feel lost because though I feel like I AM being who God made me, I feel like an odd cookie.

I am reading what you and Jaye T have written and I just feel sad because I am *expected* to fit in with women, but I feel often I lack the shared experience thing. I WANT to fit in somewhere and a number of women (not you) have made me feel my not fitting in with women is something wrong with ME!

What I believe you were saying, and what I actually KNOW in my heart is that being who God made me gives me a unique opportunity to be more readily able to see the "don't fit" people in our world. My knowledge of my uniqueness should be a badge of honor bestowed by the Lord, and if I feel it as a struggle it is one caused by "mankind."

your bro said...

Nice one Court - Sex and the Art of Forklift Maintenance. A number 2 best seller right behind the DaVinci Code. Now that I think of it - mom got a gun for Christmas - I wonder how that worked out for dad?

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