Tuesday, February 14, 2006

You gotta give me props for creativity...

So, I picked up Robb and A from the airport the other night and returned home to the unmistakeable and nauseating stench of skunk at close range. I'm still not sure if Sid got sprayed full force or if she was just a victim of the overspray, but as time went by, it was obvious, she stunk. We all know what the cure is for dogs afflicted with skunk-tastic, but I just hated the idea of it. So... my ingenius solution? Febreeze.

It woulda been super cool if it had worked.


F.B. Jones said...

Vinegar works, or steel wool.

courtney said...

jake's right but also tomatoe juice or ammonia and water mixed together...do you remember the time Dad got sprayed? :)

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