Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Well, now I've done it...

I did it. I signed up for a premier account on paypal, and while I was at it, tried out their shipping label maker, which included free tracking and delivery confirmation and scheduled a free carrier pickup. I packed the box and put it on my front porch.

It saved me so much time, I had time to play a video game with Vin.

I think I may have just crossed a big line.


Robb said...

This seems like a good decision to me. Does the shipping thing mean you won't need to use the one you were using?

ness said...

yup. and it's free.

ness said...

oh shoot. I'm a bad wife, aren't I, because I didn't ask you first. Just a sec..let me go get my coulottes on for a punishment.

Robb said...

woo hoo ... punishment sounds fun ... but not the coulottes!

klasieprof said...

I spewed my red tea all over the computer screen!! LOL

Today is Lori smith's bday.

Very proud of you. sometimes honey ya just gotta DO it to see if you like it...heh heh..oh yah..forgot we were talking about credit cards..
Isb't it weird tho that we panter about and wonder this or that and then God is SOOO gracious to Immediately give us peace and confirmation that we did the right thing.
and..as far as 'asking permission'....heck that is why we make GOOD partners..we Know what we have to do, do it, and on the really stuff that matters..then ask..(or do it and tell them afterwards..LOL).
VERY PROUD OF YOU!!! You ARE raising your kids, YOU DO matter..and besides that..You are just freekin stuck with me.

Sandy Mc said...

you guys are a riot! I agree it's about being in a partnership where you trust the other person so much to have your best interest at hear that you don't have to ask...hummm, sounds like what I read about some woman in proverbs 31!

ps. Roy and I have that trust too, but all I do is give his money away, lol.

ness said...


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