Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Distraction: tag...your it...

Here's a fun little game I was tagged to play on a friend's blog. Now that you are reading it, you are tagged too.

Four Things about me:

Four Jobs I've had:
Feed Store Clerk
Steak House Hostess (I sucked at it, but maybe because of the "Gretel" costume I had to wear)
Personal Assistant X 2 Professors
4th Grade Teacher

Four Movies I could watch on repeat:
Notting Hill
Anne of Green Gables
Romeo & Juliet

Four TV Shows I love:
ER (if I can watch w/out Robb complaining the whole time)
Grey's Anatomy
Extreme Makeover

Four Vacation spots:
Laguna Beach, CA
Newport, RI
Martha's Vinyard
New York City

Four websites I visit every day:
The Grenzian
Crumbs from my table
Addison Road

Four Foods I would eat any time:
Famous Dave's BBQ
Abuelo's Authentic/Fine Mexican
Oscars' Steaks
ANY seafood -especially at BD's Mongolian BBQ

Four Changes I'd make to my house:
sell it
buy one in AR
stop paying for heat in house I don't live in
have an office

Four Beers I like:
they all smell like my grandpa..ugh...I have to keep reminding myself that it's not actually urine I'm drinking.

(But Tequiza isn't bad with Mexican food.)

Four Tags:
Sara (but no beer for you: )


A said...

4 jobs:
Grounds/Maintenance @ Wheaton College and BBC&S
Convenient Food Mart
Sr. Pastor
President of BCS

4 Movies:
Chronicles of Narnia
We Were Soldiers
Romeo & Juliet (updated version)
Top Gun (still and all time fav)

4 TV shows:
West Wing
Grey's Anatomy
CSI (Vegas first, then Miami, not NY)

4 Vacation spots:
Sandals, Montego Bay Jamaica
Sandals, Montego Bay Jamaica
Sandals, Montego Bay Jamaica
Sandals, Montego Bay Jamaica

4 Websites:
Set Daily Puzzle

4 Foods:
Buffalo Wild Wings
Bob's Steak & Chops (Dallas)
Ruth's Criss
Garfields (half rack o' ribs)

4 Changes to the house:
Jacuzzi/Whirlpool tub big enough for 2
Sealed humidor cigar smoking room w/ 2 lazy boy leather recliners and a large, flat screen TV
Real, wood burning fire place instead of the gas fed fisher price version we have now
A bigger, nicely remodeled kitchen for my wife

4 Beers:
Shiner Bock
Amber Bock
Corona (especially with mexican food or in a michillada)
Coors Light

Robb said...

Four Things about me:

Four Jobs I've had:
Morning Sun Paperboy
Magazine Telemarketer
4th Grade Teacher
Church Planter

Four Movies I could watch on repeat:
Notting Hill
Napoleon Dynamite
Love Actually

Four TV Shows I love:
The Office
The Daily Show
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Four Vacation spots:
Laguna Beach, CA with Ness
Newport, RI with Ness
Martha's Vinyard with Ness
New York City with Ness

Four websites I visit every day:
Drudge Report
Vanessa's Ebay
Blogs of my Fellow Prodigals

Four Foods I would eat any time:
Taco Bell - 2 baha beef gordittas
My Mom's Apple Pie
Salsa and Chips
Mongolian BBQ sounds good too

Four Changes I'd make to my house:
sell it
buy one in AR
stop paying for heat in house I don't live in
have an office

(what Ness said)

Four Beers I like:
Sam Adams
Shine Bock

A said...

Dare we add a 5th vacation spot?:
Ocala Fl with Robb/A for church planting conference on Feb. 9-10

I guess we'll have to see how it goes.

klasieprof said...

managing hotel
Teaching Blind kids Mobility
Taco Hell
Running Gas station

As good as it Gets
The Christmas Story

TV shows:
heh heh..sorry v...HOUSE

Vacation spots:
South Carolina
Kansas City

Spiritually safe.com
State of Michigan groupwise

New York Strip Loin on the grill
Chicken Kiev
Don's Potato soup
Deep Fried Turkey

Changes to HOuse:
House cleaner 1 a week
expand family room
Hot tub / pool
roof fixed

4 beers: (drinks)
none.Beer is piss
wine,-NOT Boxed wine, Kendall Jackson, Chateu Ste. Michelle, korbel, THE MADAM
sparkling Italian water, Tonic water with Lime Juice

Sandy Mc said...

Four Things about me:

Four Jobs:
Deckhand on a paddlewheel steamboat
x-ray technologist
Red Cross Swim instructor and waterpark attendant
food serviceX3: BK, Micky D's and a hospital foodservice.

Four Movies:
hummm, not a clue though I like most classic stuff

Four TV Shows:
yikes, lost me again. all I see is kiddo shows which I don't watch on purpose...no cable here

Four Vacation spots:
1)Anywhere with family
2) ?(former #2 spot was AR but now that I live here does not seem like much of a get-away)
3) Mayan Riviera (El Dorado Royale)
4) Starting to get more friends in East Asia...so maybe a tour of that area.

Four websites:
The Grenzian & the butterfly
Crumbs from my table
The Blog Idea
I-Village message boards
(starting to visit my own site and mesage board now daily too)

Four Foods I would eat any time:
most anything Chinese
good BBQ
candy (*blushing*...I may look like I do, but I really don't)
any fancy iced coffee drink

Four Changes I'd make to my house:
have my shower project done
have another terrace put in in the yard
the LR ceiling painted
the main floor recarpeted

Four Beers I like:
Not a beer person but wine is good and the frozen drinks surfside in MX were awesome (I'd drink anything there!)

Four Tags:
Sara (but no beer for you: )

Sandy Mc said...

A, on the movies...Top Gun is one I *might* like to see over and again. I have it on VHS. It meant a lot to me because it was filmed on Roy's ship. One of his buddies actually met TC. But for me, Roy and I did 3 1/2 years of basically forced seperation while he was on the USS Enterprise...so I could watch that ship and "see him"
Donna,I noticed your website list...glad we connected:)

ness said...

this thread makes me so hungry....Chinese food at the Hunan House or the Lilac House : ) BDs...
Don's potato soup....it's 8 in the morning and I could eat any of it right this minute...

Sandy...you are so funny...really? A deckhand?????

Top Gun. That's a makeout movie (giggle). I went to camp with a guy who had the entire thing memorized and would "replay" it while we waited in the food line....with beeps for the bad words....

(Court...is your heart going flutter-flutter?)

A said...

Yeah, pretty sure I still have most of it memorized. I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen it. It is iconic of my Junior High years. What memories . . .

"And, what were you doing there?"


"Yes, keeping up international relations"

"You know, giving him, the bird."

Possibly the best line in the whole movie . . .
"This is going to be complicated."

And how many of us actually tried the "singing the Righteous Brothers song routine" thinking it would actually work like the movie?

Yep, guilty.

ness said...

A, your singing...that's on tape somewhere in the vault of BBC's IMC right? At least there's a pic in the yearbook.

A said...

Ok, maybe I'm having complete mental blockage, but I'm not sure what you're referring to?

Sandy Mc said...

Yep...a deckhand. It was the summer of 1976...I had just turned 16. My folks trusted me alot as they dropped me off in Evansville IN to live with the owner, his family, and the crew. We were there for about a month then moved the boat to it's summer port, Peoria IL (which is where I grew up) and then I stayed with my grandparents during the week. Bought my first car (a pretty worn out 66 Mustang for $250) Got to meet John Hartford, he was something;) He got inspiration from the river life and traveled with us when we moved the boat. At 15 MPH upstream it took about a week to travel to IL. He would play his "fiddle" and do a jig in the pilot house. Ahhh, memories...

Sandy Mc said...

Oh and Ness... have you tried East Buffet in Fayetteville? They have a mongolian grill. It is the chinese restraunt of choice for the asian students at UofA.

ness said...

Yeah, Sandy, way better than steakhouse hostessing....

A....it was the lipsinc wasn't it? Nicole.....Nicole...Barnes, wasn't it????

A said...

It's foggy, but it's coming back. Was it the lip sync or a communications hour skit? Seems like it could have been either.

courtney said...

Ness, I'm over Cody by now...besides, he like you and not me!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!
housekeeper(for 10 years!!)
CNC lathe operator (metal work,boys)
Coffee house guru
Pastry Chef

4 Movies:
Fight Club
The Big Sleep
Boonedock Saints

4 shows: (disclaimer, we don't have tv)
The West Wing
Good Eats
Barefoot Contessa
Choc. with Jaques Torres

4Vacation Spots:
New Orleans
Grand Caymen

4 Websites:
The Aramark Job-Transfer list
Hotmail msn
Meadville Trib

4 foods:
Any of the local Mexican places (thanks to our abundance of illegals)
China Wok (Ron's other job)
Pueleo's Grill--Southern/Italian
seafood seafood seafood

4 changes to my house:
I'd own one
I'd paint one
I'd clean one'
I'd push the furniture around alot

4 beers:
fosters (sometimes you need an oil can)
tequilla...oops, tequiza

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