Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Just do your work...

I admit that there is more going on with me than just work, but having taken two pretty good hits yesterday, my soul is going to lick its wounds and I am going to work.

So here's a work question for you to talk about: I haven't, so far, taken credit cards on my ebay auctions, for two reasons: the fees seemed like a lot for a small time seller like me, and I didn't like the idea of paying off my credit card bills with the credit card money of other people. However, with the online money order business I used to take (Bidpay) going out of business, there is no way for a person to pay me online, and they are left just with the option of paying via check or money order. I have had two transactions cancelled in the last couple of weeks (30 dollar items, which is big for me) because they only wanted to pay online. I personally don't really like to buy online unless it is convenient, and so I wonder if I should go ahead and take this little at home business up a notch, and take the cards.



klasieprof said...

Are you in business to SELL, or in the business to Keep?
If you are in the business to SELL, you must as Emerging churches, 'change with the Culture', and begin doing what SELLS.
If you are in the business of KEEPING, don't do it.
The Best problem my ex's family told me (Had Lots of $$) is a TAX problem, as it meant you had made/gotten a LOT of money in the year.
Here, Yes, the fees are more, but the end result is that it will allow you to sell more--albeit with a higher price. Adjusting to the marketplace is one of the first rules of businesses that stay in business over time dear.

Plus..OTHER peoples credit cards are not ANY of YOUR business. Quit trying to Mother the world, unless youwant to help me pay off my $2000 cc, then Send money.

Oh forget it V..maybe you should Just HUNKER down..wear ONLY dresses all the time,(and hose if you go out in public no matter how HOT it is or how Tan you are), ONLY sing EVERY verse of old hymns..ONLY use the KJV, ONLY "worship" on SUnday...because THOSE things have worked in the PAST.
Just KEEP trying harder at what ISN"T Working NOW!

Get the flippin Credit card thing.
It will help you achieve your goal of selling klitchy stuff you love to buy.

Pwumzdd: the frustration at change, and having to do things differently.

ness said...

Actually, I don't know...my business is not to be a business as an end unto itself. It's a vehicle. A vehicle that allows me to give when I want to give, to get ahead on some things, to help underwrite what we've taken on. Right now, though, it feels out of control. I am trying to figure out how to get it done and perhaps over with as I think I might want to spend my time an energy someplace else. I'm tired of telling the kids "mommy is busy" but I need to do this right now for a lot of reasons. If taking credit cards will help me do that, okay. I realize I can't mother the world...I'm pretty sure I'm barely mothering the three I've got!

A said...

What about Paypal? That seems to be the "paying standard" with the online shoppers I know (most of whom are techno geeks). I think it is fairly easy for someone to use their cc to put ducats into a paypal account in order to transact with you. I think Paypal takes a cut, but it may be less of a cut than the cc companies. You'd have to check.

ness said...

yeah, that's what I'm looking into. Paypal get 2.9 percent +.30 cents on every transaction. It already cost me 70 cents for every item I list plus 5.25 percent on the final value. I think I'll probably try it and see how it goes.

Heidi said...

I have used PayPal a number of times. The thing I like most about it is that I can pay with my credit card, or I can pay directly from my bank account. I'm sure this would help your sales go up as many ebayers are used to using PayPal.
Hope that helps.

mukeyjoy said...

PayPal all the way!

Andrew said...

Credit cards seem to offer so much convenience for the buyer. I don't know how they will effect your side of the deal (but missing out on two $30 sales seems pretty big compared to losing a few percent each time.) Plus, the transaction can occur so much quicker. After I purchase online I'm a junkie for tracking it right to my door. (I get that from having worked at UPS.)

Just the other day, after I made a transaction online I thought about how that used to be a big deal - actually trusting cyberspace with my credit card number! Now it's just a matter of convenience.

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