Friday, January 20, 2006

This Week's BEST Product

I would like to start a weekly feature commenting on the best product I used this week...the criteria being that it saved me effort, time, money, or just made our lives better.

This weeks' winner: DRAINO MAX GEL

yesterday morning, I had a sink full of stinky potato peel and tuna fish water (absolutely NO more potato peels in the disposal, I promise!), a full dishwasher of dirty dishes plus the rest on the counter, a brown water mark on the ceiling, no clean spoons, and to top it off, a renewed army of ants attracted to it all.

This morning, it's just the brown ceiling mark and the ants....but that's next week's product.

1 comment:

courtney said...

stop putting the potatoe peels in the darn sink!!!!! love you

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