Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Vinnyisms 3

Vinny on healthy cereal, "Mom, I don't like milk on my educational cereal"

Vinny discussing what dad will do when he gets out of bed, "Dad, when you get truckin' will you turn on the cartoons for me?"

Vinny on his Chronicles of Narnia valentines card, "That's Edmund the Justice."


mukeyjoy said...

That child is adorable! They all are! Thank you so much for coming over last night. I had such a good time! Next time I won't talk as much - then maybe the guys can actually get some words in. I was just so excited that we had so much in common that I couldn't control all the words....that kept coming out...Anyway, enjoyed it.

ness said...

I'm so glad you can come out of the shadows : ) I had a fantastic time and my kids were so pumped when we drove away..."MOM WE HAD A BLAST!" I talked every bit as much as you was our husbands who didn't get a word in edgewise : )

jdub said...

southern are from arkansas!

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