Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sharon Osborne called and wants her hair back

I was talking to my mom the other day and realized she didn't know I got my hair cut, so here's a pic for you mom.

And for my sisters, do you remember the time we stayed at Grandma's house and she let us play in that spooky little attic and we found the pink vinyl box that we were sure it was Barbies? Then we opened the box and.....SCREAMED.....because it was HAIR!

Yeah, my haircut, a lot like Grandma's wig.

She would love it.


Sara said...

i like it actually

ashley said...

grandma's attic...very appropriate for halloween..i think the new do makes us look even more alike : )
i personally believe that every new haircut is like a metamorphosis of sorts. out with the old! bring in the new! looks cute! maybe you could get robb to go ozzie with his hair! *&$#!

Robb said...

in process *&@^$

lamraf - processed chicken parts formerly used to make McNuggets

Courtney said...

okay, I like it too and you know how much I'd rather be "ornery" but seriously, I don't think we should all get together anytime soon since Mom can't get our names straight anyways :) That's it! I'm growing mine! I MUST be different!!
Skip growing Robb's hair like Ozzie's---can't we just get him stumbling drunk and see how much more he remembers of Crash Test Dummies

ness said...
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klasieprof said...

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