Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The New Shop

I haven't had a minute to blog. 

Ok, that's probably an excuse. I have had plenty of time to blog...I just chose to spend that time on Pinterest, or going to my first Razorback Football game, or visiting our new and amazing museum Crystal Bridges.  I've also been learning the wonders of Spotify (ok, so far it's not that wondrous to me, but I guess I'll get it eventually) and getting ready for two craft shows: The Artini Festival and The Little Craft Show

And oh, yeah, I also opened a new etsy store....  

They estimate 30,000 people attended the War Eagle Craft Fair.  Probably 5,000 came by my booth and told me how much they loved what I made.  I guess I'm a little dense because that's how many times it took to finally really hear that what I make is not bad. What I make is actually pretty unique.  Ok, what I make is totally unique.  Selling vintage is not unique. Running flea market booths is not unique.  And while I love selling vintage, there is a limit to what I can do with it.  There is no limit to what I can create, however. And so I finally made a turn in my thinking.  I now believe in what I make.  Up until now, I was practicing.  I made a few things that I really liked and a lot of things that were just good experience. But now, I feel like I've finished my "undergrad" in mosaic and I'm ready to master my art.  Until now, I was resting on the steadiness of selling vintage. Now, I'm ready to kick away the scaffolding and be brave enough to give my art my best attention.   It's a subtle shift, but a real one.

So, I have opened an Etsy shop featuring my work.  In the past, I just put stuff in there that didn't sell after a show. I sort of slipped them into my vintage shop hoping they'd get noticed without me having to be bold enough to stand up for them.  Now, they have their own place in the sun:   If you have an Etsy account, please give me a little love and ad me to your circle or favorites.  I really appreciate it. 

I, and the rest of our family, am in a transition.  Our roles, our jobs, our lives are changing.  It is exciting and scary at the same time.  Ready or we go.

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Into Vintage said...

Congrats on your new etsy shop -- now your beautiful (I'm looking at mine right now and loving it!) pieces will have a proper showcase.

Pinterest. Sigh. Now even less sleep for me...

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