Monday, November 07, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Last week overtook me and I failed to blog.  I worked at Heartwood Gallery for two days getting the displays freshened up, I helped Calvin's GT class get ready for their Shakespeare festival. I loaded up both my flea market booths and took new Etsy pictures; I made one or two nutritious meals, met with my book group, had coffee with a friend, and started making mosaic ornaments to sell at the two holiday shows I am a part of. I hit two estate sales and came away with 18 dollars of goodies.  And then I got a cold and literally stayed in bed all day on Saturday. It was an absolute relief to be so sick. I slept for hours and hours. We as a family couldn't remember the last time we had an empty Saturday. The kids played board games and Robb did laundry and made me homemade chicken soup.

Today is my birthday, so I am hitting the pause button on all that Monday requires and taking a moment to say that I have a beautiful life. I have an exquisite family.  I have wonderful, warm, creative, interesting friends. I am tenderly cared for by God himself. I have more than I need. I get to make things and be creative. I am comfortable in my own skin. I am richly loved and I feel it. If I was a kitten, I'd purr.  Since I'm just a person, I guess I'll have another cup of coffee and make something beautiful.


Mrs. V said...

Love you, Sis-happy birthday just get better and better every year (which is inspirational at the very least and tons of fun to watch)

Into Vintage said...

Happy birthday, Vanessa! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead. xo

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