Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meet My Friends - Amber

All of a sudden I realized....I know some stunning people.  So I thought, I'd like to introduce you to them, one at a time in no particular order: 
This is Amber. She's like white paint. She washes over you and you feel like everything is good and clean and bright. She makes things pop against the simple background she creates. She is an artist, a print-maker. A wife and a mother. Want to know what is young and fresh? Follow her taste. Exhibit A? She made a treasury that made it to the front of Etsy's homepage a few days ago.  Exhibit B? She favors Twitter over Facebook.

She sees things I would have never seen without her.  She takes beautiful pictures, and some I make fun of. Because they are of the parties she throws...which are so fun I forget to be on guard against her camera.  She has the ability to plan and pay attention to details that endears her to both me and my husband. Her husband is the Curator of Worship Arts at Vintage Fellowship and she is as committed and faithful to her husband and her church as I am to mine.  That creates a bond between us that I have only rarely experienced. I trust her. I've seen her under pressure and she is remarkable. She is a slow surprise, unfolding over time, that she would never reveal in a single encounter. She is too modest to reveal all her talent and experience and rarity at once. She is oblivious to how cool she is. She knows that not everything needs to be said aloud to be true.  I adore her. I feel lucky to know her.  She is my friend.


Gingiber said...

This makes me very happy. Amber is indeed a fantastic friend and just jawdroppingly talented artist.

I am happy that I have found my "people" at Vintage :)

Holly said...

So far, I find all of this to be true. :)

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