Thursday, July 07, 2011

Oh, The Places We Go...

Robb's sister, niece and nephew arrived in town on Thursday and his parents arrived on Saturday, so we have been running a household of 10 people for the last few days. Sorry for the spotty posting...I was probably washing some towels!

Where there are ten people, there will be adventure.  Like when we went to the NWA Natural's baseball game on July 4th for the fireworks and one of them landed on my father in law.  You read that right.  We had finally settled on a spot on the grass after moving and being moved three times, and were feeling groovy about our clear line of vision when early into the show, a low-flung firework came flaming down in the exact spot my father in law (who we call Poopsie) was sitting.  He saw it coming, scooted backward and it fell on the corner of our blanket, where he neatly patted out the fire.  I'm not going to lie to you...the rest of the show was a little nerve-wracking!

The next morning, a little weary from our adventure the night before (which included popping off a few of our own fireworks for the first time ever and now we understand how addictive they are but I digress...)   we were planning a trip to the Laura Ingalls Wilder house in Mansfield, MO, followed by our first time ever to Silver Dollar City.  Did I mention there are 10 of us to get ready to go?   Well, one of those ten people was getting her hair done when her Mama realized that she had head lice.  You read that right, too.   Now this certain somebody happens to have long, straight espresso black hair which is highly favored by head lice.  Which is why she has had it three times and no one else in the house seems to get it. (Although my head is wicked itchy right now, but then again, so is yours. I see you scratching.)   I used to freak out over head lice.  I believed we would not get them from the sheer force of my will.  But when you have an adopted child, they teach you things.  Like how not to freak out over head lice.  It's a bonding experience.  We pick the nits. We kill the bugs. We know the drill. We get it done.  But we are also very late getting away for our trip.

Flexibility is a beautiful thing.  You put your heads together...(but not too close because of the lice, right?)  and come up with a new plan.  Go to Silver Dollar City after 3 p.m. and your ticket is good for the next day too.  So we broke it up and got more bang for our buck.  Silver Dollar City sandwiched around Laura Ingalls Wilder house.  Home by 9 the next night and ready for a quiet day.....

washing towels.


Matilyn Kay said...

Great post, Mom, but, I believe a correction is needed.
The firework hit both Poopsie AND Megan, Poopsie claims it bounced off him, and then hit Megan. Her tears prove me right. :)

MCP said...

There might be a very good reason why Charlie gets lice, but nobody else in the family get its: according to my old basic entomology professor, lice are very specific about the type of hair shapes that they can cling too and different racial groups have different shaped hair strands. For instance, lice that infest the hair of people of African descent (ovoid hair strand shape) can't infest the hair of Caucasians (rounder hair strand shape) and vice versa. Asians (intermediate between round and ovoid hair strand shape) are supposed to have their own specific hair lice as well.

It might be that Charlie is different enough ethnically, regarding the shape of her hair follicles, that the lice she gets can't be passed on to the rest of the family (on the "upside" for her, any lice ya'll can get probably can't be passed on to her). You and the rest have probably been exposed dozens of times, and the lice just slide right on out of your hair.

Disclaimer: I don't know that this is the case here (lice are specific within human subgroups, but the differences here would indicate a subgroup within a subgroup) but am instead pointing out a possibility, and it would of course behoove you to continue checking other members of the family for infestations and taking sensible precautions.

At least it isn't scabies (like body lice except with more burrowing and tunneling). :-)

I do like Silver Dollar City--it's about the only theme park I've been to recently. It was a favorite of Sara and I. Did you visit the little church there? Among 3 or 4 other options (several of which entailed dragging poor Robb out to my Madison County property), Sara and I talked about about getting married least when marriage was on the table at all, that is.

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