Friday, July 08, 2011

The Birthday Boy

I often wonder about my son...what he will grow up to be. 

I worry, of course, because I know that life will be tough to navigate if you don't learn to turn down each and every dessert that comes your way, to finish books that seem a little boring at first, and to save your money for a rainy day instead of letting it burn a hole in your pocket.

On the other hand, when you are incredibly bright and curious and aren't afraid of girls, when you always notice babies and love to make them laugh, when you look out for others and care about the people around you, well...maybe you will turn out just fine.

My sweet boy, Calvin is not at all embarrassed to hold my hand or kiss me goodbye in front of anybody. He cheerfully greets me every morning, happy that the day has started, the only morning person and the only extrovert in this house.  He is the sweetest of big brothers to Charleigh and tries hard to understand his big sister, even though she is very different from him.  He knows that Mattie is almost a teenager and maybe that explains why she won't let him hug and kiss her.  He loves football and video games and doing well at school.  He is a good friend and has some very good buddies that are all really good guys, too.  He is happy that our friend Jamal has moved back into the area so he will have somebody to play Risk and other board games with and he has recently discovered the podcast, "Stuff You Missed in History Class."  He keeps a box of papers and cards that are important to him and is a sentimental fellow about his Kindergarten teacher, Bonnie Culp.

My Vin is ten years old today.  I love him the way a mother loves her only son...that strange mix of adoring him, worrying about him, annoying him by worrying about him, laughing at him, being so utterly grateful for him and then going back to adoring him.


natalie said...


12-arrows said...

simply beautiful! I have a nine year old son that snatches my heart!

Keri said...

Great way to tell of the love of a son! My kids are still asking occasionally when we are returning to AK to spend time with Calvin! :-)

Susie said...

my son, Zack, is a senior at the Air Force Academy this year, on the Wings of Blue Parachute Team, and has an amazing girlfriend that is running after God as fast as she can...all that to say, your Vin sounds very much like him at this age!

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