Thursday, November 18, 2010

Treasure Hunting

I am always looking for treasure.  I enjoy selling things, but I really love finding them in the first place.  I have found some amazing things over the years, and this weekend, I found something pretty intriguing that I thought you might like to hear about.

I've just discovered the wonder of Craigslist.  I was able to sell some furniture there last week, and I find myself checking to see what other goodies were available there last weekend, when I came across a listing for a jewelry box full of odds and ends.  They said they just didn't have time to disperse it and so they were selling it for a flat fee.  I quickly offered to buy it.

It was pretty weird, I admit, sitting in a parking lot on Sunday afternoon waiting to meet the seller.  I had no idea what to expect.  Robb commented more than once that this was one of my most bizarre quests.  Finally, the seller arrived with the box and we drove away with the huge 1970s faux bois box on my lap.  I began checking the pieces inside as we drove home and hoped that I would be able to make my money back.

It wasn't until a day or so later that I really carefully inspected the pieces.  This rough looking ring, obviously a man's ring, was curious.  I could see words, in French, around the inside of the band, but they were not inscribed.  So I googled away and discovered that what I had in my hand is called Trench art.  Soldiers in World War 1 would turn silver and other metal coins into rings while  sitting in their trenches, waiting for something to happen.  My newly acquired ring is from a silver coin dated 1909 which was reissued in the 1920s.

The jewelry box went on to tell other stories, but the one behind this handmade silver ring was my favorite.


Jess said...

and i happen to like whatever that ring is sitting on.

Nesting Naturally said...

Will you be able to get much money for that ring?

betty crocker said...

and somewhere, the seller should be slapping his/her forehead right now

word ver, btw "ophoroo" which I think is onomatopoetic for this post

ness said...

Jess...that is the top of my dresser with a piece of old wallpaper to protect it : )

Ellie...Not sure I can part with it! It's too odd and romantic.

Court...I actually waffled about writing about it on the blog. I hope they don't realize what else they left in that box....

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