Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We're Puttin' on a Show

at War Eagle.

I've always wondered what it would be like to do a show with my mom.  The answer?  It's been amazing.  Her portrait mosaics and sewing couldn't be better with my style of mosaics.  And my Dad has been a huge help in set up and playing with the kids.  It's been wonderful having my parents here, letting them just see us and our life here just as we are. 

We had no idea until we got it all there what it would look like all together.  I think it looks pretty amazing thanks to Mom's contributions. 

Now, the fun part begins...tomorrow morning at 6:30 am, we'll be heading out to the Mill to experience all that the day has for us. 



Wow Vanessa! What an impressive collection of your genius! I'm so frustrated that I can't study each piece at length! Have an amazing weekend at War Eagle!


Holly said...

I love all of your little banners! Looks great, hope you sell a lot and have fun!

Keri said...

Again, all I can say is Wow!! I am so happy you get to share this time with your mom and dad! Hope you have sun and lots of sales!

jess said...

Ness, that headboard is beyond belief. I hope you are charging and absolute fortune for that. I'm talking "put a kid through college" kind of price tag. Wow. If I was completely in charge of my own time I would be hoping in the car right now to see it in person and finally MEET you, friend. May the God who gave you all that talent show you in some tangible way how pleased He is by your stewardship of it.

natalie said...

OH MY GOSH. i am just so excited! i cannot wait to purchase something from you :) you are incredibly talented!

12-arrows said...

Oh my goodness, alls I can say is WOW!!! thats some beautiful work there! Did you Mosaic the headboard? I LOVE that! Vanessa you have some amazing talent. Did your mom make the jackets/the dresses? You guys have some serious talent in your family. . . .May God completely bless you and your mom!

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