Thursday, October 07, 2010

Another High Quality Observation from Yours Truly

Every night, I have a glass of red wine. Before I can even sit down with it,
it usually has at least one fruit fly drowned in it.

A bowl of bananas ripened too much in the fruit bowl, and you guessed it,
a swarm of fruit flies appeared.

So, being the clever girl I am, I think, "I'll just put a tablespoon of wine in a dish and let them drown."

After 1 day, there are no fruit flies drowned in the bait. The fruit flies have not diminished. In fact there seem to be more. 

I can only assume the little buggers are getting hammered and having lots of tiny little fruit fly sex.  



Grace said...

I find that leaving a bowl of apple cider vinegar with some dishwashing soap stirred in will get rid of them quite effectively. The soap is to break the surface tension to make sure they drown.

12-arrows said...

Oh my gosh you gave me the BEST laugh this morning! Love it~

Life with Kaishon said...

I love how you write. I adore your mother who came and sacrificed for you. She is a gem. I am ecstatic that you got the basketball hoop. Why wait for Christmas? Life is short.

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