Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some Things that Are Needful For You To Know....

I am busier than a one armed window washer right now, but because you are here, you deserve to know a few profound things: 

Charleigh cried herself to sleep a few nights ago because the orb spider in the garden went missing.  I told her it was the spider's time to go and that winter was coming and the spider wouldn't have any bugs to eat out there and next year a new spider would build a web in our garden.  She wailed, "But she won't be the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame spider."    

In that same vein, she was excited to see the watermelon vine continuing to blossom (and fail to produce anything at all).  I told her sadly that it would not keep growing for much longer.  She replied sadly, "But I'm not ready for winter." 

And then in a moment of great philosophy, she rested her head halfway up the stairs and said, "I don't want to get old.  Because when you get old, you just die."     Moments later, she followed her interior thoughts with "And I don't want to live alone.  How can you get a boy to live with you so you don't have to be alone?"

Funny little Charleigh, serious as can be.

 And just what do these pictures have to do with any of that?  Nothing at all.  Other than the fact that I use spray paint to alleviate my feelings of mortality.   


Into Vintage said...

Dear Charleigh,

I'm so picking up what you're putting down. I'm not ready for winter either.

Tiffany said...

Vanessa~ I love your green door!! Did you really spray paint it?? Our front door is so hideous. I wonder if I could do that. What is the color you used? I have a huge affinity for green. {grin}

ness said...

Hey Tiffany!

I actually handpainted the door, but it was just walmart paint. I used less than 1 quart of their exterior latex semi gloss house and trim. I used Martha Stewarts olive green as the color guide and they can computer match it. I absolutely spray painted the chairs with krylon. A can costs 3 dollars and I forget what color they call it but it's the only one like it.

Sara said...

Charleigh sounds a lot like me when i was her age. I did not want to get old and die either...nor did i want to be alone.


I was a little existential Charleigh once myself!
LOVE the cabinet even more now that you've worked it into the house!
I'd recommend stonework over spray paint to ward off mortality!


Life with Kaishon said...

How do you get a boy to live with you so you aren't lonely? Great question! I had to force mine into marrying me because I am not nearly as intriguing and beautiful as you Vanessa : )

Spray paint always cheers you up, doesn't it?

Holly said...

I love that drawered up piece you found! If the drawers slide organizers dream! You're using it one row for each kid? Totally cool, where'd you find it?

Anonymous said...

That green spray paint is called "Ivy Leaf". The over-achiever in my just had to go for the A!


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