Friday, April 09, 2010



You already know I have Svin at my house instead of Sven.  Well he's at it again.  This morning he jumped into bed with me, fully dressed of course.  "Can we have waffles for breakfast? The dogs are out. I made the girls' lunches because they paid me a dollar.  I'll make you some strong coffee because you look tired today, Mom. And I it looks like it frosted so I will warm up the car after I finish the waffles." 

I know he's a kid and I don't MAKE him do this stuff.  But if he's going to be a morning person, it's only fair that he use his powers for good and not for evil.  Because with my attitude about morning, let's face it, we've got enough evil going on. 


Sara said...

lol,that is awesome!

12-arrows said...

what a sweet boy! you are blessed, you know! enjoy this gift God gave you in your son!!!

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