Monday, April 05, 2010

My Baby is 6 Years Old Today


Sara said...

Happy B-Day Charleigh :)!!!

Mini Me's Room said...

jeez....seems like yesterday i was reading that she was 5!!! happy birthday charliegh!! I love you :)

Ashley said...

Most kids come to school saying "today is my birthday!" Charleigh didnt even remind me! Normally we would see it during calendar time, but today we skipped calendar to get ready for testing which is tomorrow. At around 9, I just happened to look at the bday chart and saw it was her special day! I called her over and said, "Charleigh, is TODAY your birthday!?" She just giggled and said "yes". Then she told me that Mattie picked her up this morning when she said happy birthday. :)
Also, she elected to tell me that those shorts she was wearing were new and just for her birthday.

We crowned the birthday girl and I stood her on top of a table (normal tradition in the Davis Classroom). We sang happy birthday in both Spanish and English and she said she was wanting a jump rope for a present and that she would get to open presents tonight.

I love this little girl. How in the world do you get any more perfect than Charleigh?

If we ever have a little girl.. (which let me share some news with you.. we are expecting our first little one at the end of November.. and will share this with the class after I let the rest of my family know!) We will most likely name her Charleigh.

What a blessing you have! Tell her that I said "hope you get everything you want tonight, Charleigh!"

She is a PURE PLEASURE and a little light that always glows in my day.

P.S- I deactivated my facebook account until after my thesis is complete for my masters. That will be May. :) I can't control my facebook addiction!


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