Wednesday, March 03, 2010

More Fun at the SFMOMA

Hard to believe that just a week ago, I was in S.F. sleeping in that big soft bed waking up to that skyline....

Just last Tuesday, we spent most of the day at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  It was  a perfect day for it, with gusty wind and rain outside.  We walked there from the hotel, hoping our umbrella would not turn inside out, and grabbed some Starbucks.  The gift shop was open for about an hour before the museum opens.  Which is clever marketing.  I wanted to buy one of everything.

We started on the fifth floor and moved down.  This museum is going to rank very high for me ..and I've been to a few.  The SFMOMA is interesting because it is very SF-centric.  While the Guggenheim or Chicago museums feature a work or two by the big names from all over, SFMOMA has multiple works by a lot of SF artists, giving you the impression of really learning the sensibilities of San Francisco, not just modern artists.  And with a number of pieces by one artist, you no longer were looking at a red square on a canvas thinking, "Well, shoot, I could do that."  You see a collection of works that work together to express what the artist is seeing.

I took some specific pictures that made me think of specific people:

For Candice:

For Jazz

 For Ron

 For Courtney
For Mattie, who wanted to know if this was a print or the real thing.

I came to the conclusion I have no idea what kind of art my sister Ashley likes. Maybe some of these?

 This is Charleigh's Favorite...can you see why?

Robb and I both loved the room of photographs by Diane Arbus. You know, the way you love a room full of somewhat disturbing photographs.  

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Into Vintage said...

I've been reading your SF posts and getting more homesick by the second! I lived in Sacramento for many years and SF was a constant destination - one of my favorite places on earth. Glad you loved it too. -amy
PS SF Moma ... wah!! I miss it!

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