Friday, March 05, 2010

Just a Typical Picture Day

Vin has egg yolk in his hair.

Mattie's hair is doing that woo-woo thing.

And Charleigh.
Charleigh who forgot to turn in the envelope on picture day the last time, so we have no kindergarten pictures for her...

Charleigh is wearing a yellow pullover sweater
with another crochet, see-through, blue and green sweater over top.

Yes, Charleigh who packs her own lunch because she wants to be big, even though I would rather do it for her....Charleigh who caused quite a commotion with the lunch monitors who saw that she had nothing between her slices of bread.....She told me later she wanted to put chips in between.

Charleigh who for a week now, has disappeared into the abyss of her room to look for her red homework folder.  She comes out, hours later, at supper time, blissful from her time with Polly Pockets and friends, but still, no homework folder.

So yeah. I have job security as a mom still.

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Anonymous said...

with THAT will always have mom security.....


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