Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Look What I'm Reading....

It's my brother's book!    I pre-ordered it last week and it was on my doorstep (ok, in my mailbox) on Monday.    Because this blog is usually about my inner angst, I don't need to talk much about my big brother, who my children call "Uncle Pookie"  (to differentiate from their other Uncle Ron.  We have a shortage of names in our family, a post for another time.)

Anywhoo...Ron authors the very popular Clark Kent's Lunchbox blog and wrote this book because he's awesome like that.   The book covers Ron's journey from hot shot exec to stay at home dad.  He wrangles the mad writing skills we (ok, I learned them but I don't always use them) got from our brilliant high school English teacher and his defense mechanism of work his way through the transition.  I'm having a blast reading it, not just because my name is in it, but mostly, because I know the reality he painted the book from.  He knows, better than most, that saying things in a funny way gives life a greater dimension than it has on the surface.

Order your copy HERE.


Sara LeeAnn said...

Three cheers for Ron! I'm so thrilled for him and can't wait for my copy to arrive... any day now, I hope. :-)

Clark Kent's Lunchbox said...

Thanks Sis & Sara!

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