Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Frustrated and a little Freaked Out

So while I was playing and not working, at least I was being a little bit responsible. I wasn't listing new things on Etsy, but I had been steadily photographing them.  Because my card won't hold many pictures, I had been methodically transferring them to an external hard drive.  An external hard drive that Charleigh, trying to be helpful, dropped on the floor.  Robb is trying to do surgery on it, but if he can't save the patient, I'm back about 12 hours of work.

I'm bored with Etsy.  I'm bored with packing boxes.  I want to work on my own house and garden. I want to make more of my own things, not chase down new vintage stock. I want to hang with my husband and kids.  I went to look at a flea market stall yesterday.  (In Arkansas, a flea market is similar to an antique mall, only there's no stipulation that things be old.)  The booth costs 200 dollars a month, but it would be like my own little store.  I can't imagine making as much money as I do on Etsy, but then again, I would only be working about half as hard.  And just think what I could make with the extra time. Anybody out there with experiences to share?

But the sun is shining today...for now....so I'd better make photographs while the sun shines.


Anonymous said...

One quote I read recently...that just seems to fit here with "getting more time" in your life was...
"Once I gave up thinking what OTHER people thought of me, I had a LOT more time of my own".


Into Vintage said...

I have experience to share regarding this topic but probably too much to clog up your comments section so feel free to email me. Keeping my fingers crossed about the EHD. -amy

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